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Nice to meet you♡

Flower and rice accessories of the creators of docka

I'm Nodoka.


Born on March 7, 1990. Born in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture.

I was born and raised in a country florist.

I loved small things like handicrafts, and I've always loved making handmade accessories and doll clothes, and making sweets.


After graduating from high school because he liked making sweets, he went on to a confectionery college.

After graduating, I worked as a pastry chef in Nagoya and Osaka for five years.


I became interested in foreign country after becoming a member of society, and after going on a round-the-world trip with my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time at the age of 22, I loved traveling.♡

In particular, I was very addicted to Southeast Asia, and there were times when I went to Bali and Cambodia at a pace once every six months.


I started working at a guest house in Kyoto at the age of 26 because I was interested in traveling, and I was treating guests from all over the world.

While talking with people from various countries and studying "Sightseeing in Japan", I wanted people to know more about the local Akita both domestically and internationally.


Then, in 2020, my family made a U-turn in akita.

After moving to Akita, he began full-fledged handmade artist activities with resin accessories that he had originally made as a hobby.

Pr activities of the local Akita that I wanted to do when I returned to Akita someday.

I want you to convey the good points of Akita to the whole country and the world and get interested! We manufacture and sell accessories that combine flowers that have grown up close to us with akitakomachi rice.


We actively use discarded flowers that are still blooming beautifully but become discarded. It is an upcycle accessory that is kind to the earth that connects the process from production to processing to reaching customers with a smile.


The concept is an accessory that heals busy women every day and makes them feel kind


I named it docka in the sense that it is an accessory that I want to put on docka ( somewhere ).

I would like to create works that will make people all over Japan and around the world want to go to docka (Akita).


We also manufacture and sell ross flower dried flower miscellaneous goods only at store sales events.

In private, I'm a mother of two children, a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, struggling with childcare every day!



Exhibition history𓅓♕


AEON MALL University

Hakata Hankyu

Nagoya Lasik

Namba Marui

Piazza Sannomiya

Joynas Yokohama

Lucuaire Osaka

Okayama 1st Avenue Haletica Square

Keio Department Store Seiso Sakuragaoka Store


Saitama Cocoon City

Chiba Sogo

Tama Praza



Akita Asahi Broadcasting "Tretate! I was featured in